Böcklerstraße 219b

38102 Braunschweig

AP – Marianne Flammer




Schleinufer 16-18

39104 Magdeburg

AP – Sven Heuer




Katharinenstr. 17

04109 Leipzig

AP – Yvonne Wolff





Nordstraße 3 – 15

04105 Leipzig

AP – Yvonne Wolff






Marienstraße 2

06108 Halle

AP – Jana Franz



Gran Canaria / Spanien





Meisenstraße 94

33604 Bielefeld

AP – Jacqueline Meyer





Hutfilterstraße 24

28195 Bremen

AP – Alexander Lutz



Service Unit|01 Helmstedt

Büddenstedter Weg 1

38350 Helmstedt

AP – Franziska Dräger



Service Unit|02 Prenzlau


Neubrandenburger Str. 14

17291 Prenzlau

AP – Bettina Müller Klaar




Service Unit|02 Boitzenburg

Am Gutshof 9

17268 Boitzenburger Land

AP – Bettina Müller-Klaar



Service Unit|03 Leipzig

Nordstrasse 3 – 15

04105 Leipzig

AP – Diana Lungwitz



Service Unit|04 Lüneburg


Häcklinger Weg 66

21335 Lüneburg

AP – Susanne Karczewski



Service Unit|06 Magdeburg

Schleinufer 16-18

39104 Magdeburg

AP – Franziska Dräger

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The Invitel group of companies is one of the leading providers of process services in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Invitel group of companies, 15 companies in three brands realise individual projects for corporate customers in the network according to the specific task.



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