A further 300 jobs at different locations are also

This makes the Invitel group of companies one of the biggest owner-managed, independent service providers, and together with the market leaders Invitel, it is one of the key players in this sector.

The Invitel group of companies is one of the top
15 service centres in Germany

and is forecast to achieve a turnover of 60 m. Euros in the 2016 financial year. It brings together tfifteen companies owned by the brand specialists Invitel, Simon & Focken and SALESkultur. Approximately 2,200 customer services employees are employed at fourteen locations.

THREE STRONG BRANDS – Invitel, Simon & Focken and SALESkultur

These three brands provide a sound basis for the Invitel group of companies. Invitel is a market leader in the area of energy supply services.

Simon & Focken

Simon & Focken specialises in the commercial fields of telecommunications, banking, insurance and mail order, and also covers the outbound area within the group of companies.

Values and ethics

  In our owner-managed group of companies we attach considerable value to sustainability. This enables us to offer our services at the highest quality. In this area, our employees’ conduct plays a decisive role: both owners and directors, managers and specialists as well as our service colleagues make their contribution to greater sustainability. Open, benevolent and honest – such are the principles of our daily work. Above all else these are values from which our employees benefit. Our unique ethic of cooperation is also plain to see for our clients.  

Mission und Vision

  Our mission is to complete our customers’ orders at the very highest of levels. In this context we have made it our task to achieve the best performances with our employees in a trusting, fear-free and friendly environment and to provide them with meaningful work. Our goal is to ensure that our employees enjoy their work and want to contribute to the success of our group of companies. This kind of team work enables us to make the world a little better, which is also our vision! And it isn’t only our employees who benefit from this, it is also our clients.


  Communication from one person to the next! A clear goal. Defined systems.

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  Lean service units which are decentralised and oriented to ensure a close collaboration achieve the highest levels of efficiency.


  A journey through time: we are proud to present the events that have been decisive for the Invitel group of companies.

Executiv team

The companies in the Invitel group of companies are managed by three executive directors who are able to draw on many years’ professional and managerial experience in companies such as the former Hamburgische Electrizitätswerke AG, as well as E.ON AG and Quelle AG. This is a record of which we can be very proud!

Social responsibilty

  Every action leads to change – something which applies to both people and the environment. We are well aware of this responsibility.

About Us

The Invitel group of companies is one of the leading providers of process services in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Invitel group of companies, 15 companies in three brands realise individual projects for corporate customers in the network according to the specific task.



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