The success of the Invitel group of companies is based on highly motivated and qualified employees who strongly identify with our brands, Invitel and Simon & Focken. A key pillar of our company ethics is our value of benevolence. We listen to each other attentively and our managers always have an ear open to their employees.




Our group of companies only performs well when its employees are also well. For this reason we take an active approach to ensuring your health and regularly provide informative health days as well as ergonomic workplaces and pleasantly designed rooms.

In our service team concept a team leader manages 20 inbound and 15 outbound employees, and the employees’ wellbeing is one of their top priorities. With agreements with fitness studios and our cooperation with health insurance firms, for example, we also support our employees’ health.



The workplace

Our company offers modern and ergonomically designed workplaces which provide each employee with their own personal headset and usually two monitors at each desk.

With plants, attractive furniture and accessories and the use of selected colours and noise dampening systems we create an atmosphere in which our employees can concentrate and focus.











Pension plan

The Invitel group of companies enables all of its employees to join its company pension plan. Every employee has an intensive consultation with our partners.

We also provide our employees with a subsidy totalling 20% of the converted amount, which further demonstrates our commitment to our employees’ retirements.










Employee representation

The basic principles of our company ethics ensure that our employees can address a person whom they trust – including the members of the executive team, regardless of hierarchy. In our organisation in which trust is a priority, our managers are tasked with creating a sense of mutual trust in their teams, making employee representation superfluous.





Working in a company and performing well in a team shouldn’t have to depend on the physical attributes of the individual employee. The Invitel group of companies does not draw any distinctions regarding gender or origin, nor of any of its employees’ physical limitations.

Our employees’ strengths determine their performance in our company. As far as possible, people with or without disabilities work together on an equal footing.








  • What does the Invitel group of companies do on top?
  • Discounts at local companies and transport operators
  • Free provision of water and tea
  • Fruit days
  • Health days
  • Plants in working areas
  • Performance related pay
  • Work in a cooperative and pleasant atmosphere
  • Team evenings
  • Annual working time accounts
  • Granting of special leave in certain life situations
  • Further training and career options
  • The option to work throughout Germany and in Gran Canaria, Spain

About Us

The Invitel group of companies is one of the leading providers of process services in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Invitel group of companies, 15 companies in three brands realise individual projects for corporate customers in the network according to the specific task.



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