Mission statement

  • Honesty
  • Benevolence
  • Openness



The managers in the Invitel group of companies are the guarantor for the successful and motivated performance of our employees in our service centres, and for their committed and long term loyalty to our company. Many of our managers are appointed from within our own ranks: on the one hand, this enables appropriate career prospects, while on the other hand, the managers identify with the work of the service centre employees more strongly due to their own experiences.



Personal contacts, sales

First and foremost, the sales division in the Invitel group of companies is responsible for gaining new clients for the group of companies and extending the order relationships with existing clients over the long term, while on the other hand, it functions as a meta-interface between the ordering company and the company operations. This means the project management is entrusted with the appropriate project, in the scope of which the orders, preferences and criticism of the client both accompany and are incorporated in the company operations according to their requirements. In addition to this, our sales also frequently functions as an advisor to our clients in order to highlight our possibilities and to develop customised service concepts that our clients require.




The success of the Invitel group of companies is based on highly motivated and qualified employees who strongly identify with our brands, Invitel and Simon & Focken.

A key pillar of our company ethics is our value of benevolence. We listen to each other attentively and our managers always have an ear open to their employees.

In the scope of the operational possibilities we freshly perceive the abilities and personal concerns of each employee every day.



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“From dishwasher to millionaire” – amazing success stories aren’t just possible in Hollywood. Progressive development is also part of our group of companies. Appropriate training professions and courses of study develop on a step-by-step basis, which means many of our managers start as service employees and further develop their skills in our company. We are always interested in talented students who join us on internships and those who join us from elsewhere – we value employees who have the right attitude and whose heart is in the right place.



Employees recruit employees

The greatest praise a company can get is from its own staff. We welcome personal recommendations from our employees and honour their efforts with attractive bonuses.




The greatest praise a company can get is from its own staff. We welcome personal recommendations from our employees and honour their efforts with attractive bonuses.




A company can only be a success if it has strong partners. With competent support by our side we are able to convince in a range of different fields.

About Us

The Invitel group of companies is one of the leading providers of process services in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Invitel group of companies, 15 companies in three brands realise individual projects for corporate customers in the network according to the specific task.



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