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A journey through time – the development of the company Simon & Focken since 1993.



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We can’t do everything, but we’re very good at some things. Our core areas of expertise in our inbound services are in our technical and commercial services. We respond to the concerns of our customers and their data and resolve technical challenges quickly and competently. Not off-the-shelf products, but individual solutions – this is our strength.

In the outbound sector we are genuine sales specialists. More than 200 employees draw on over 20 years of experience in telemarketing – learning many of their skills on the job. This is something that our clients benefit from – with top ratings when compared with competitors and naturally on the basis of the current legislation. 




Our employees are the most important factor in our success. We use selected specialists for sales or technical services exactly where they are needed.

In commercial services, it is generalists with good knowledge of many different areas who are generally required.

Our employees have many years of experience in their sectors. They receive regular coaching and training, are empathetic and have in-depth conversational skills.




We work with both major German clients and niche providers.

Every order we receive is important to us – and we complete all of our orders with the highest levels of concentration, as we believe long term, growing relationships to be more important than a quick profit.

If we are a success then our clients are too, and vice-versa!

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The Invitel group of companies is one of the leading providers of process services in Germany. Under the umbrella of the Invitel group of companies, 15 companies in three brands realise individual projects for corporate customers in the network according to the specific task.



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